Regitze Schødts

”I want to give 5 stars to Laila Hansen, partner and Jeanette Løgstrup Leth, accounting assistant, for the assistance they have given to my company Dansk Markedsføring ApS. After only two meetings, they have managed to give me greater peace of mind, a better overview and a deeper understanding than my former accountants managed to do in 1.5 years. As both a self-employed and young entrepreneur, I would definitely recommend Baker Tilly, specifically Laila Hansen and Jeanette Løgstrup Leth, to everyone in my network. High praise from me.”

- Director at Dansk Markedsføring ApS

Chairman of the Board Mogens Overgaard

”Baker Tilly provides professional management and communication regarding accounting matters. Their reaction time is short and they ensure our challenges and opportunities are handled effectively. We are seeing strong empathy both in Denmark and abroad with our accounting partner Baker Tilly.”

- Dana Lim A/S

Thomas Waagø

”I leave it mostly to Baker Tilly. What are interesting to me are the key figures, i.e. turnover and which product categories, and it is quickly updated in the system. In this way I can compare myself against the results of other Nyt Syn shops. Baker Tilly is now following my company much closer than before and that means that I now use them more as an active sparring partner rather than just as accountants.”

- Self-employed optician

Morten Rix-Møller

“We have been a client of Baker Tilly (previously Xbig5) for over 10 years – for the past 7 years with Morten Schwensen as our auditor. Morten of course assists us with annual accounts and constant advice but has also provided help with regard to personal finances, tax optimization, wind turbine purchases and company acquisitions – all with an immaculately professional approach. We have nothing but the highest regard for and confidence in his abilities, both as an economist and strategy advisor. Particularly in the field of business acquisition, Morten has proved an invaluable asset in tying up the commercial loose ends and ensuring that we get a great deal.

The advice we have received from Baker Tilly has always been impeccable and their team has ensured full transparency and maximum benefits for both the company and our private economy."


Randi Ellingsgaard

As a general practitioner, it is extremely important for me, that my patients are well treated and that I have as much time as possible for them. Therefore, I have handed over the wage administration, bookkeeping, accounting and audit to Ramazan Turan, who has a complete overview of our clinic and its operations and optimization. Throughout the years, we have seen a progress in operations. Furthermore, and at a more personal/individual level I have received some very good advice on my financial affairs, acquiring a house in Spain etc. I could not be more satisfied with this advisory. My business partner also favourably elected Ramazan Turan from Baker Tilly as auditor. Thumps up from here.

- General practitioner