At Baker Tilly we continually keep ourselves updated on new legislation, changes in rules and practices, so that we are able to give the best advice all the time – both to the company and the employee. In this way we assist a number of companies to optimise their remuneration packages, ensuring that employee benefits are properly handled and, for instance, advising on the implementation of share options.

Furthermore, we assist a number of individuals with advice on private finances, for example, with regard to changes in job, end of employment or when entering retirement age, where we act as a sparring partner to ensure an optimum tax treatment and savings. At Baker Tilly we specialise in assisting individuals in preparing their annual tax return to ensure the lowest possible tax payments within the legal framework.

At Baker Tilly we can assist with, among others, the following:

  • Optimisation of remuneration packages
  • Taxation of employee benefits, including share options
  • Start-up schemes
  • Preparation, as well as reporting, of income tax return
  • Pension savings
  • Outbound relocation
  • Request for binding assessment notice from The Danish tax authorities
  • Handling tax matters

If you have any questions about your own specific matters, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists within the tax area.