We have a team of experts who work with specialists and general practitioners. We have insight into general trends within the medical industry and how these affect the individual practice.

In conjunction with the purchase or sale of practices, we have the in-depth knowledge of price movements in different parts of the country to provide our customers with a targeted valuation of a practice, not least an appraisal of the level of goodwill for the practice in question.

As a natural part of our consultancy regarding the termination of a practice, we are able to offer our clients individual advice regarding the optimization of assets – including in relation to pensions.

Among other things, Baker Tilly provides advice regarding:

  • Practice analysis – optimization of medical practices
  • Purchase and sale of practices – including:

- Valuation and goodwill appraisal
- Assisting in the purchase and sale of medical practices
- Preparation of budgets and calculation of net owner remuneration

  • Capital optimization when selling
  • Bookkeeping, payroll and financial statement preparation
  • Tax planning and optimization according to the corporate tax scheme
Randi Ellingsgaard
General practitioner, Ellingsgaard & Fogh
As a general practitioner, it is extremely important for me, that my patients are well treated and that I have as much time as possible for them. Therefore, I have handed over the wage administration, bookkeeping, accounting and audit to Ramazan Turan, who has a complete overview of our clinic and its operations and optimization. Throughout the years, we have seen a progress in operations. Furthermore, and at a more personal/individual level I have received some very good advice on my financial affairs, acquiring a house in Spain etc. I could not be more satisfied with this advisory. My business partner also favourably elected Ramazan Turan from Baker Tilly as auditor. Thumps up from here.