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Manufacturing companies

The network for owner-managers of manufacturing companies
When joining the Baker Tilly network for owner-managed manufacturing companies you, as an owner-manager, will have the possibility to discuss your challenges with about 10 to 12 other like-minded individuals. The network runs over a period of 2 years, where Baker Tilly is host for 3 to 4 “Go-home-meetings” per year. These meetings are tailored to you as an owner-manager. At the same time you will be able to influence the agenda, so that we create meetings that are relevant and interesting for you and your company.

By attending the network you will also receive an anonymous benchmarking analysis, in which your company will be compared with other similar companies, so that Baker Tilly, in collaboration with you, can see exactly where you can develop and optimize your company.

We believe that specialization and knowledge sharing is the way forward – both for you as owner-manager and for us as advisers. At Baker Tilly we are owner-managers ourselves and that’s why our criteria for success with this network is to give you the opportunity to take your company to the next level.
Ann Rose Bokkenheuser
managing director, Rose Holm A/S
After attending several meetings, I have to recognize that the benefits are great. I have met many people who want to share their knowledge with each other. All participants take each other seriously. And Baker Tilly always makes sure that there is an interesting topic as point of departure for a discussion.

Pharma & Healthcare

The pharma and healthcare industry is evolving rapidly. New opportunities are constantly presenting themselves but, at the same time, each individual sector is facing strong pressure to change and increasing regulatory demands in the form of inspection and documentation.

In order to be able to continue to operate a clinic or practice, it is therefore vital to maintain business focus. It is even more important that clinics are able to seek advice from a partner who has a thorough knowledge of the industry, its development and the many challenges it faces.

Baker Tilly’s Pharma & Healtcare team has the expertise necessary in advising dentists, general practitioners, specialists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and pharmacists. We have a number of state-authorized public accountants who, along with a specialized team, follow developments in the healthcare industry – focusing on clinic management, tax planning and financial advice for clinic and practice owners in the healthcare sector.

Purchase and sale of clinics and practices, financial optimization of clinic sales and pensions and a thorough knowledge of how to increase a clinic’s earnings are just some of the specialist services that Baker Tilly is equipped to offer you as a clinic or practice owner. We see a need for advice that goes beyond the day-to-day financial management of your business.

We have strong partners in the form of financial institutions, pension advisors and lawyers; all with their own unique knowledge of the healthcare industry. In this way we are always able to assist you and your organization in obtaining the best possible financing. This applies equally to the financing of acquisitions and the financing of daily operations. In addition, we involve ourselves in networking and relationships to reinforce our knowledge of the industry.

For Baker Tilly’s Pharma & Healthcare team, it is vital that customer relationships are not simply about preparing a clinic's accounts but that, through our advice and industry knowledge, we are also able to contribute value to both you and your business

Chain stores

What do the best do even better?
New inspiration for the voluntary chain

Do you want to know who earns the money in chain stores and how they do it?
In every voluntary chain there are members who earn more money than others. And now Baker Tilly can help you find out who they are. There is always an explanation for some members doing better than others. And this explanation is beneficial for the management in the voluntary chain. Because if you can get reliable knowledge about what the best in the chain is doing better than everybody else, you can make us of their method to strengthen the weaker links in your company. Baker Tilly has developed a tool which gives you a number of comparative figures in an internal benchmark, giving you the opportunity to get the best out of a voluntary chain.

This tool gives you access to:
• decode the chains “Best practice”
• see and discuss selected numbers versus the average of the chain and the best 20%.

With these basic numbers in your hand you can offer the members specific and fully up-to-date business development information. This can be a sales pitch just as natural as other selling points such as common procurement agreements, common marketing and common sign on store fronts. When you benchmark with the best of the members in a voluntary chain you can easily increase the profitability among the rest. Baker Tilly helps you find the best 20% and an explanation for their success.

Want to know more
Would you like to know how we can help you get basic numbers for your voluntary chain? Contact Baker Tilly at phone no. + 45 66 13 07 30 and ask to talk with managing partner Ole Schmidt.
Per Bie
managing director, Danbolig A/S
At Danbolig A/S we use the basic numbers to find the “Best practice” among the 20% best stores in the chain. With this we can quickly and in a better way identify the areas where we can optimize the profitability. This new tool gives specific and up-to-date inspiration and at the same time we use it as an important benchmark for the chain.
Tom Skovbon
managing director, Nyt Syn A/S
In connection with the implementation of Nyt Syn’s strategy “From optician to businessman” the key figures for the chain have been an important tool. Development and knowledge awareness through a clarification of the relevant basic numbers have created an understanding and motivated us to take action. At the beginning there were some doubts both about the numbers but also about their use. Nevertheless, today we have both trust and confidence in this tool. After we have had specific dialog with the individual member about the circumstances in his/her store and discussed the consequences and actions which, evidently, can have a positive effect. From now on we will keep focusing on developing new key figures.
Thomas Waagø
Self-employed optician, Nyt Syn, Sorø
I leave it mostly to Baker Tilly. What are interesting to me are the key figures, i.e. turnover and which product categories, and it is quickly updated in the system. In this way I can compare myself against the results of other Nyt Syn shops. Baker Tilly is now following my company much closer than before and that means that I now use them more as an active sparring partner rather than just as accountants.

Professionel services

Baker Tilly provides accounting and auditing and specialist consultancy to professional service companies.
At Baker Tilly, we have a special focus on professional services companies – including lawyers, management consultants, IT consultants, engineers, architects, insurance and business brokers, etc. A common feature to these companies is that their business typically is based on selling their services on an hourly basis.

Generally, companies in this category have more than one owner and are organised in a partnership. The challenges owners/partners often face relate to division of profit for the year, admission of new partners and generational successions, wherein purchase and sale of goodwill often entails a relatively high borrowing requirement for the new and often young partners.

As a predominant rule, companies in this category are established as a public or private limited company with an operating company and several holding companies. This has been the preferred setup among those consultants, normally lawyers or accountants, assisting in their establishment. Paradoxically, accountants and lawyers themselves generally operate as partnerships. A company structure which often fits better to these types of companies.

At Baker Tilly, we specialize in advising on issues that are relevant to professional services companies, including company structure, generational succession models, models for distribution of profit as well as incentive, retention and attraction programs. All of this with a focus on ensuring the optimal utilization of your company’s resources, and thus contributing to the active risk management of your organization’s most important resource – its employees.

Are you organized in the most appropriate company structure?
Have you discussed with your accountant whether your business is organised in the optimum corporate form?

If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our specialists to book a meeting without further obligation.

Limited partnership

As a co-owner of a limited partnership, you have probably experienced that if there has been a passive investment in property, wind turbines or solar farms, it now requires you to take an active position to a wide range of issues. At Baker Tilly we want to be your and your limited partnership’s sparring partner, with regard to the optimisation of the operation, financing and especially dealing with tax.

Advice to limited partners
At Baker Tilly, we assist about 700 limited partners with the preparation of the annual tax return, including the preparation of specifications for the corporate tax scheme. As a limited partner, each year you receive an annex to the tax return from the administrator containing specifications for your personal tax return. This annex is, however, general and not necessarily optimised to your tax situation. If you participate in more than one limited partnership, you are also obligated to report overall specifications to the corporate tax scheme.

We can assist in optimising the tax treatment of your limited partnership, for example, by transferring private debt to the corporate tax scheme.

Advice to a Limited Partnership
At Baker Tilly we assist a wide range of limited partnerships with the optimisation of tax in connection with the sale, or when there are challenges with financing, liability or deduction restrictions. Our core competence is undoubtedly within accounting and tax, and especially the tax part is relevant when a limited partnership is to change ownership, sell an asset or change the financing.

In the area of limited partnerships, we can state that SKAT (the Danish tax authority) is currently exhibiting aggressive behaviour with the implementation of certain decisions that conflict with past practice and guidance. We keep ourselves updated on laws and practices, and will gladly assist you to run cases against SKAT.

Baker Tilly as an active accountant
At Baker Tilly we want to be the preferred choice for limited partnerships. We consider a limited partnership to be a company like any other and want to assist business owners with active sparring on accounting and tax issues.

We regularly participate in the annual general meeting and act on behalf of the limited partners.

We are always ready for a no-obligation meeting on how Baker Tilly can assist you and/or your limited partnership.

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact our specialists in our limited partnership team.

Film producers & distributors

Over the course of many years, Baker Tilly has built up solid and close collaborations with a number of large and small Danish film producers and distributors. In this way, we have gained a thorough knowledge of the industry in general and specialist expertise in auditing and preparing film accounts.

In order to comply with Danish Film Institute terms for support, filmmakers must submit a number of records and accounts to the Institute. We are extremely well-versed in the requirements of the Danish Film Institute with regard to these records and accounts.

Against this background, we are able to advise and assist with the following tasks:

  • Statutory and voluntary audit of the company's Annual Report
  • Tax treatment and optimisation of production costs
  • Auditing of revenue statements
  • Preparation and auditing of:
    • Development accounts
    • Launch accounts
    • Festival accounts
    • Production accounts

Baker Tilly – Trusted adviser
Baker Tilly wants to be the trusted adviser for film producers and distributors. It is our wish to provide owners and management with active collaboration on accounting and tax issues. We are always available to meet with you to discuss how Baker Tilly can be of service to you and/or your film company.

If you have any questions regarding your specific circumstances, please feel free to contact our film industry specialists.