Compensation for loss of turnover during the COVID-19 pandemic


  • 90% of an expected loss of turnover
  • Full (100%) compensation for businesses with no turnover (and subject to lock-down)
  • Up to max DKK 23,000 a month (or DKK 46,000 in case of a co-working spouse)
  • Taxable compensation for each business owner


  • Expected loss of turnover corresponding to at least 30% for the period 9 March to 8 July 2020 as compared with an average turnover in 2019
  • Turnover of at least DKK 10,000 a month during the period up to the pandemic
  • No more than 25 full-time equivalents
  • The business must have been registered no later than 9 March 2020
  • The business owner must have an ownership stake of at least 25% and must be working for the business
  • The business owner’s personal income for 2020 may not exceed DKK 800,000
  • Applies to all kinds of businesses


  • A solemn declaration by the business owner
  • Statement showing expected loss of turnover
  • Reason for loss of turnover as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Applications to be filed as of 1 April 2020. Please note that compensation is not based on a first-come, first-served principle
  • Businesses which have already filed an application for the rescue package (v1) must file another application for an extended period of compensation. Applications for an increase from 75% to 90% may be filed with retroactive effect. Alternatively, the compensation may be increased in connection with a subsequent review. The new scheme becomes effective in mid-May 2020.

Subsequent actions:

  • Documentation of a loss of turnover accounting for at least 30%
  • Audit assistance may be required
  • If the conditions are not fulfilled, the compensation may have to be repaid


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Q&A (updated on 31 March 2020)


Q: Does the compensation for a loss of turnover apply to both personal businesses and companies?

A: The compensation applies to both businesses and companies.


Q: Is the principal shareholder covered?

A: The businesses in question are comparable to self-employed people who are not covered by wage or salary compensation.


Q: The business must provide proof of having realised a turnover in the amount of DKK 10,000 during the preceding period. Which period is that?

A: Generally, the average of preceding income years. Yet based on arguments, another period lasting for at least one month may be selected and there must be evidence of the turnover realised.


Q: How is the turnover to be assessed?

A: The assessment of the turnover must be based on the general accounting practice of the business.